Pedigree of Gorge Deckers' Thor

based on AKC and UKC pedigree data





Oaker Mountain's Rueger

Oaker Mountain Gus a.k.a. Brownking's

Fire Mountain's Decker Duke

Fire Mountain's Silverado

Amazing Patti

Fire Mountain's Decker Stella

Fire Mountain's Tonka

Fire Mountain's Maggie

Oaker Mountain's Lola

Bluegrass Taz Decker

Bluegrass Seegmillers Raz

Bluegrass Scarlett

Silvana Breeze Sugar Decker

Seegmiller's Butch

Seegmiller's Maggie

Red River's Jorja

Killen's Deacon of Bluegrass

CH Seegmiller's Bullet of Southfork

Mylet's Creek Road Claude

Simon's Lucy

Killen's Cindy

Jones Crunch

Clark's Annie

Red River's Cleopatra

Red River's Junior

Woody's Spike

Bluegrass Queen of Sheba

Bluegrass Queen of Sheba

Bluegrass Mystic Merlin a.k.a. Brown's

Sure Shots Sassy