Pedigree of Southern Born's Rocky Road

based on AKC and UKC pedigree data





Bluegrass Banjo Falls

Killen's Deacon of Bluegrass

CH Seegmiller's Bullet of Southfork

Mylet's Creek Road Claude

Simon's Lucy

Killen's Cindy

Jones Crunch

Clark's Annie

Bluegrass Hershey Kisses

Bluegrass Seegmillers Raz

Jones Crunch

Clark's Annie

Bluegrass Scarlett a.k.a Brown's

Bluegrass Flint of Clark a.k.a. Brown's

Keys' Sophie

'PR' Spitfire's Dancing Queen

BriarBey's Ben

BriarBey's Ruger

Seegmiller's Ace of Spades

BriarBey's Jill

Seegmiller's Madalena

CH Seegmiller's Axle Rose

Seegmiller's Spanish Rose

'PR' BriarBey's ABBA

BriarBey's Remmy

Seegmiller's Raise the Stakes

BriarBey's Sasha

BriarBey's Elyse

Seegmiller's Ace of Spades

Bluegrass Casull Magnum